Movies You Didn’t Know Were Inspired by Comics

There are several forms of media that comics have been able to nuzzle their way into but they have taken over the movie industry and become the highest grossing films in the past decade. Superheroes and comic book characters are now household names and everyone is heading out to see the newest comic book inspired film. Although, many of the top grossing films are obviously inspired by comic books, using their main characters like Batman, Superman and Spiderman, there are a number of films that are inspired by comics but use different titles. People who love comics want to see all of the stories so if you’re a fan of comics you’ll want to get watching these films.

The Dark Knight is a batman film that has won awards but was also advertised with the batman story at the core of its marketing. Watchmen is a movie based on comic books that you may not have been familiar with because its title is not obvious nor was its marketing. Similar to the film Sin City, which was inspired by comic books, was actually marketed and appreciated for its unusual filming style for the time that it was released. Oldboy is a movie from 2003 inspired by a Japanese magna comic and has been one of the most popular films for years based on its unique approach to the retold story of an innocent man being locked away for 15 years before being let out to create chaos and attack his captors.

Ghost World is a film based on the doodles of Chicagoan Daniel Clowes which is a story about character building as opposed to building superpowers. Scott Pilgrim vs the World uses a comedic approach to the classic comic book style and uses a youthful glow to show the admiration of comic books between comic book fans.

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