The Best Comic Inspired TV Shows

Comic books are action packed stories of thrilling experiences that occur with the most fascinating characters. If you’re a fan of comics and comic books, than you probably enjoy them in every type of media. You can find comic books and comic book characters in tv shows, movies as well as worldwide merchandising. Although, some of the most popular comics like Marvel and DC comics have made their mark with their superhero characters, there are some other tv shows inspired by comics that you may not have known about. Here is a list of tv shows that you may not have known were inspired by comic book stories.

The Walking Dead on AMC depicts a zombie apocalypse and has been one of the most popular TV shows on television for seven seasons. Many people are not familiar with the Walking Dead as a series of graphic novels but it was actually pretty popular before the premier of the tv show. The zombie stories about surviving while the world is ended has captivated audiences and received excellent reviews from critics. Riverdale is a tv show developed by Netflix depicting a high school murder mystery using the characters from the popular comic books Archie and friends. The series does not reveal many connections to the comic books aside from the use of their characters and setting.

Luke Cage an action show based on a male lead and Jessica Jones is an action show based on a female lead, both hosted by Netflix. Agent Carter makes an effort to show a modern day super woman while Smallville shows viewers what the world might feel like for superman today. Although, graphic novels and comic books have made their marks on the entertainment industry, there are massive fan bases looking for even more comic based media to enjoy.

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