The Classic Comic: American Comic Books

Comics and comic books have evolved to become one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world for people of every age. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there are forms of comics that are available for you. The American comic book tells a lengthy story with mostly comic content, supplemented with other reading or activity materials. The debut of superheroes was in the year 1938, when a publication developed the character Superman. Books became more available after the development of the printing press, and although there was a rise in literacy skills worldwide, there are still populations that benefit from stories being told through illustrations.

Television became the number one form of entertainment around World War Two, and comics expanded their themes from superheroes to meet the interests of more readers. With the rise in accessible education and entertainment television, comics became a form of reading that attracted a juvenile audience. With an uprise in the interest of superheroes in the media, comic books have been revived to an entirely new generation which has propelled the characters into superstardom.

The fans of underground comic book culture have expanded to being one of the most popular groups of fans to any style of literacy. The comic culture events are huge gatherings of people who often dress as their favourite comic book characters, and watch panels or participate in different styles of networking. The current society is bringing comic books to life in multiple formats, and the 32 page American graphic novel is no longer the single style of storytelling for comic book fans.

Not only do fans participate as live avatars for their favourite characters through cosplay, they also bring the art of collecting to an entirely new level. The value of old comic books has become a historical marker of where this phenomenon began, and the market grows as the popularity continues to increase.

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