The Rise in Popularity of Comic Book Movies

The increase of internet access and online media has created a loss of profits for movie makers. It is getting more expensive to create films with extravagant plot lines due to the massive budgets. The task of creating a film that will draw a crowd and make a profit is a difficult task these days. Regardless of this loss in popularity, comic book films have kept viewers interested and significantly increased their fanbase in the past decade.

Many of the popular comic book films have been inspired by creative individuals who read comic books growing up. The young comic book fan would have struggled to find friends with similar interests given the niche audience of the reader. When these kids grew up and started to bring the stories to life, sharing them with massive audiences, a phenomenon began. Movies about comic book characters have been the top grossing films in the last decade, proving the dedication of comic book fans.

Comic book fans continue to bring the world some of the best entertainment to date. All of the most popular films in the modern era have been inspired by comic book heroes and their relationships with comic book villains, but recently movies about groups of comic heroes have become the most popular. The Avengers and Suicide Squad have both received rave reviews, each with their own spin on the comic book character. These movies have taken a number of comic book characters and grouped them into different overlapping plot lines to create a thrilling experience for the viewer.

Films starring comic book characters seem to be the highest grossing films in the past decade and most of those films also needed a large budget to be completed. Given the popularity of comic book films, movie makers have continued to create these films hoping to draw the massive fanbase into theatres. Luckily, comic books provide some of the most thrilling and captivating characters and plot lines, giving movie makers an overflowing source of inspiration.

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