What’s the Difference between DC vs MARVEL?

The comics industry has brought the world popular hits like the batman and superman franchises but recently there has been a rise in demand for more and more comic themed media. Comics have been a core inspiration for fictional television shows and movies and the most popular franchises have gained massive success. Hollywood has expanded these franchises and build them into all kinds of merchandising and promotional events like comic con. There is a huge demand for bringing more and more comic books to life, growing their fan base every day.

DC comics and Marvel comics are two publishing companies that make different types of comic books. Nowadays, the franchises have grown over the years but both started out in competition by creating similar styles of superheroes and plot lines. DC comics began their work with a brighter aesthetic than Marvel and introduced characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to the world.

DC comics were established in the 1950s and 1960s, creating comics that produced one individual story from start to finish. If you pick up a Marvel comic, you’ll find characters that started off with a more normal life and a history that plays into the plot line. Marvel makes an effort to elevate every day people like Peter Parker to someone like Spiderman who can use his superpowers for good or for evil. A lot of the DC comics are established superheroes when they are introduced in the series, but Marvel unravels the characters and lets their evolution unfold in front of your eyes.

Although, both of the comic books have a different visual aesthetics, they both followed the same general template for an American comic book. All of the comics provided readers with 32 pages of Action packed battles between a character and their city’s villains.

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